Yogi Berra lifting a catcher's mask

Students will receive an illustrated biography of Yogi Berra (click here to download) that will serve as background for this lesson. It will include information relating to Berra’s life in sports. After reading the biography, students should answer the below questions in preparation for the unit.

Questions for Students:

  1. What was the New York City point of entry for the Berra family members and many other early 20th century immigrants to the United States from Europe and elsewhere? What do you know about that place?
  2. What kind of communities did immigrants often settle into in the United States?
  3. What were the financial realities for the Berra family as they made a home in St. Louis?
  4. In what ways was baseball a way to advance in the United States?
  5. Did Yogi Berra face any particular challenges as an Italian American in mid-century America?
  6. What do you find admirable about Yogi Berra as an individual?