Why Yogi Berra deserves more than just a plaque at Yankee Stadium’s Monument Park

New York Daily News
by Mike Lupica
April 23, 2017

They love the past at Yankee Stadium, they sell the past, they celebrate the past, they market the past. The Yankees are, by any measure, the capital of the past. Next to the National Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, there might not be a more famous baseball museum than the one in Monument Park at the new Yankee Stadium, even the way it now hides in plain sight behind the outfield walls.

But you have to say that the Yankees are much more in love with the recent past than the distant past, which means the past that began when they turned back into the Yankees back in 1996; when they gave us the last Yankee dynasty, the one that saw them win four World Series in five years and come within an inning — bottom of the 9th, Phoenix, 2001 — of making it five Series in six years.

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