Yogi Berra Museum Opens State-of-the-Art Interactive Baseball Experience

The Yogi Berra Museum & Learning Center is hosting a members’ and supporters reception for the opening of an interactive installation that incorporates emerging digital technologies to engage a new, tech-savvy generation of visitors. PITCH! is an immersive experience that will excite visitors of all ages, while providing the basis for a range of educational curricula for visiting school groups, youth sports teams and other youth development organizations. PITCH! opens to the general public on Thursday, June 14, and is included in the price of Museum admission.

Sited within the Museum’s 800-square foot atrium, PITCH! allows visitors to face off against an animated batter and catcher displayed on a video wall. When players throw a soft rubber ball against the wall, the installation tracks the ball’s measured velocity as well as the accuracy of the pitch (“strike” or “ball.”) The animated characters on screen react to each pitch in keeping with the rules of the game, with the batter swinging at “good” pitches and passing on balls, and the catcher delivering an apt “Yogi-ism” as appropriate. Players can compare throwing speeds, which will flash on screen after each pitch.

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