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The most pressing issues of our time have histories, and these histories often intersect with the world of sports. Give your students the unique experience of seeing how sports culture has reflected, shaped and even altered the course of American life, sometimes leading the way.

In what ways did baseball impact race relations in 20th-century America? Learn about systemic racism in professional baseball, the Negro Leagues, and Jackie Robinson’s role as a change agent.View Lesson Plan
How has immigration shaped American life? Explore the complicated history of American immigration through the lens of Yogi Berra’s family story.View Lesson Plan
What roles has gender identity played in American life? Learn about the history of women’s baseball, and consider how sporting culture has challenged historical conceptions of gender.View Lesson Plan
Financial Literacy
How do athletes manage the financial windfalls that come with professional success? Explore the challenges that sports figures face when their dreams come true.View Lesson Plan

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